Amak Mahmoodian

Amak Mahmoodian is an award-winning Iranian photographer, filmmaker and curator living in the UK. For Amak, the hallmark of photography is telling the truth- photographs are magical and full of mysteries. She explores her own identity through her projects and each project is a chapter of her life and a journey, inside and outside.

Glyn Vale. My street. The houses all looked the same to me. I decided to look at them again, deeper. I went to the doors, knocked, and some people opened up. They talked and I listened.


I asked, “What do you love most in your home?”


I asked, “Will you take a photograph of it?”


I gave them a polaroid camera and said I would return in four hours. Or sometimes, a week. The photographs I collected each emanate a carefully curated manifestation of love. You can begin to imagine the character and lives of the individuals through the images of the objects they chose as their most treasured.  You see the same people who I see everyday and live with, we are walking and crossing the same road. We have become neighbours.


Gladis, “Hello love, how are you today?”


Amak, “I am fine. How are you?”