Chris Hoare

Chris Hoare is a Bristol photographer, currently living and making work in Australia. He has a passion for telling stories with his images and capturing cultures beneath the mainstream. His first solo publication, Dreamers, based on three years research, was a photo-story about the underground Hip-Hop scene.

I spent some time with my camera lingering over the M32 – specifically the walk/cycle bridge that hovers over the motorway. Historically St Pauls and Easton were conjoined, before the M32 was built and severed the neighborhoods. Today the bridge acts as a slender passage for human connection- daily routines, family relationships, friendships and regular commutes, all occur while the traffic roars beneath.


One of the people I photographed was John, who is from Liverpool but has been living in Bristol for a few years. I love his gaze and posture- he’s really engaged. He is very softly spoken and we ended up chatting for ages. We stayed in contact after I took his picture and went for breakfast together on the Gloucester Road a few days after this shot was taken. It was a really humbling, lovely experience.