Danya Defraytus

Danya Defraytus is a photographic based artist whose work combines both traditional and digital materials with craft techniques. Each work is a series of processes, undertaken to create intensely decorative, multi-layered works that immerse the viewer in vibrant imagery.

When The World Is Burning But Cha Hair On Point!


The title refers to ‘Meme’ culture and language, where a phrase or saying will be overlaid on various (often increasingly sensationalist) images to alter and subvert the meaning. Brexit, Kim Kardashian, homophobia in Putin’s Russia, cat-nemes, the refugee crisis, lemmings with selfie-sticks- it’s all there. But what are we really looking at beyond checking our hair looks on point?


In a world where a ‘selfie’ has become increasingly loaded with meaning beyond that of the traditional notions of a ‘self-portrait’, my work asks whether modern culture is becoming blind to the real world because of the camera it is all too often holding in front of its face.


My photo-montage piece mixes original Polaroid and digital photography, photocopying, collage, spray paint and hand-illustration, all on a salvaged piece of wood. What I love about photo-montage is that in a world where we are saturated by media images, I can take their material, take control, and remix it to say what I want.