Elizabeth Orcutt & Matt Pontin

Elizabeth Orcutt is an artist and researcher interested in portraiture as a means of creative conversation and the wider notion of how identity is disseminated within visual culture. www.elizabethorcutt.com


Matthew Pontin is creative director of Fotonow CIC, a media organisation based in Plymouth developing photography and film projects as a catalyst for social change. www.fotonow.org

Communities often comprise layers of narrative. Indeed, once scratched, Knowle West reveals itself as a cast of characters with diverse stories set against biographical locations. We worked together to gather personal and archival material- including at Knowle West Fest – over summer 2016. These included community archives, local fables, incidental chats and contemporary studies of the area.


These rich ingredients have been merged into a series of bespoke dioramas presented as miniature personal histories, like miniature theatres that express identity through a montage of people, place and mixed up time.



Bob Fisher and Skemers Winters, two of Knowle West’s boxing legends, now on Filwood Broadway, and Bob Fisher (standing) in one of his contests in 1958.


Julie, a volunteer at the Health Park and keen hula-hooper. Behind her is Filwood community centre and the Eagle House First Eleven from 1954.