Gina Lundy

Gina Lundy was born in Bristol and is now living in Glasgow. Gina started as a photographers’ assistant before studying photography at City of Bristol College and then a Masters in Documentary Photography from University of Wales Newport. She is currently undertaking research into working class women and social protest at The Glasgow School of Art (2017).

Theres no Ctrl + Z for Displacement


I’ve been creating work around housing since 2010 when I became interested in the displacement of people in and around the Olympic site in London. Since then I have visited several areas of London where social housing is under threat of demolition or in the process of ‘regeneration’ and interviewed local residents, photographed their homes and attended demonstrations. The title is taken from a slogan on a placard at the demonstration against the Housing Bill, in London on 13th March 2016, and refers to what some are describing as the ‘London Clearances’.


The image of a young woman’s face (a model) is taken from a Developer’s billboard in East London. She represents the type of person or lifestyle the Developer hopes the new housing will attract. Printed using a Risograph, the image is broken down into small dots, the colour blue echoes the blue fencing that surrounds many of the new developments. A laser cut pattern of dots punctures the image. The pattern references the panels that are put over windows to keep squatters out of housing that has been emptied of tenants prior to demolition.


I use photography, print-making and text as a research tool to explore the questions and issues that concern me. Whilst I can only ever offer a personal subjective response, it is my intention that the work I create contributes to a wider debate in society.


The accompanying poem was created from text taken from placards at the demonstration against the Housing Bill.


Theres no Ctrl + Z for Displacement


London for sale and I’m not moving,

A house is a home not your piggy bank.


Aberfeldy, Acorn, Aylesbury…..


It’s a threat to our futures,

an insult to our past.


Balfron, Bridge House, Broadwater…..


I support a home for all

People before profit.

This Housing Bill is a howling sham.


Carpenters, Central Hill, Clapton Park….


I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep.

Cruel encroaching dream-homes



Marian, Mascalls, Nightingale….


Banks got bailed out,

We got sold out!


Homes aren’t a luxury

the land is ours.

Hands off!


Heygate, Love Lane, Whiston Road….


No pay to stay

No near market rents

No evictions.

Stop the London Clearances.


Ferrier, Kidbrooke, Kingsland ……


Labour Tory all the same,

They all play the Bankers game.


Robin Hood, Thamesmead, Woodberry Down…..


Yes to community control

and secure homes for all.

Peg the rents, I’m not moving


Housing is a human need,

Kill the Bill,

Stop the greed.