Ibolya Feher

Ibolya Feher is documentary photographer from Hungary based in Bristol. Her main interest is telling people’s stories and depicting the boundaries and bonds within communities and the everyday life of the individuals. Ibolya co-founded and co-directed (2013-14) IC- Visual Lab CIC, a unique social enterprise that uses photography as an instrument of integration, self-discovery and community building.


We hardly ever make the effort to look beyond our assumptions.


There is a golden little bird who lives in Knowle West. He has only one eye yet (or because he only has one eye) he is the most inquisitive, friendly creature in his group, great at posing and loving attention.


Dennis Filer lives in Knowle West and has been keeping border canaries for five years as a hobby.  He has started with ten birds and now has thirty-five singing in his garden.


Photography for me is a tool that helps me to connect to people and understand the world. Making a photograph is my way to discover and share the beauty that surrounds us.