Joe Magee

Joe Magee is an award-winning illustrator, artist and film maker. He lives in Stroud and has a studio in Bristol. Joe is a regular contributor of images to a range of international publications such as The Guardian, Time Magazine, Liberation, New York Times and Newsweek – having upwards of two thousand images published. In 2009 Magee was awarded two D&AD (British Design and Art Direction) Awards For Outstanding Achievement as the result of a collaboration with designer Theseus Chan’s WORK studio in Singapore.



I’m interested in how photography is changing the way we behave and, actually, the structure of our minds.


Now that most of us are carrying a camera around in our pockets (on our phone) we don’t need to remember things – as we can just take a photo and that thing is thus stored digitally. To retrieve the memory we pull out our phone.


It’s a process of out-sourcing of memories than began hundreds of years ago when people, for example, began to write things down – like diaries.


When someone loses a phone or laptop, or has their cloud account erased, they often have a bank of memories wiped in the process: We haven’t stored those memories in our brain because there wasn’t a need. In that regard, you could say that our way of storing memories now means that part of the human mind is digital.