Nicholas White

Nicholas White is a photographer based within Dartmoor National Park. His work is typically focused on the landscape and the ways in which we interact with our natural spaces. Nicholas was awarded the South West Graduate Photography Prize in 2013 and was commended in the 2015 Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. His work has been featured in both photographic and outdoors publications nationwide.

For me, the “value” of my work is accentuated by the time it takes to create the images paired with the physical effort invested in reaching the typically remote locations where my images are made. Unfortunately, this is rarely depicted in the final image. There is no way of telling whether I walked 10 minutes from the car, or spent a night in the mountains on a 50km hike.


For 20/20 Visions, I decided to track this information. Setting off for a three day stint in the Cairngorm mountains, I recorded the entire route on my GPS. The image itself was taken at the Luibeg Bridge crossing Luibeg Burn on the approach to Ben Macdui.


The resulting GPS data from this trip was exported when I got home, and overlayed onto a digital Ordnance Survey map. Then, using Ordnance Survey’s Open Source Data, I downloaded files containing just the contours from the area I hiked. These were individually loaded into GIS Software (Geographic Information System), pieced together into nine separate tiles and exported as vectors. These vectors were sent to The Factory, a community-based digital fabrication space in Knowle West. It was here that these vectors were laser cut into panels of wood.


The GPS data is shone alongside the photographic image. Together they offer an insight into the hard graft and complexity that lies behind the seemingly calm and beautiful.